Young Scholar Award

Congratulations to our ICoME 2022 Young Scholar Award winners. Student presenter awardees were announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday evening, August 4, and received an e-award certificate. Award winners are identified in BOLD characters below.

Virtual Reality as a Pedagogical Tool in English Education: A Systematic Literature Review

Jeong Yuseon, Chonnam National University


Mathematics and Science Teaching Anxiety Toward Pre-service Mathematics and Science Teachers

Kento Nakamura, Tokyo University of Science


The Impact of Internship in Japan for A Chinese Student of Japanese-Major

Wenxiang Ge, Kansai University


How Elementary School Teachers Support Students’ Communication in an Online Cross-Cultural Education

Mana Tanaka, Meiji University


A Study on Critical Thinking on Biased Web Information among Sixth Grade Elementary School Students in Japan

Wakana Tezuka, Shinshu University


Design and Development of Training Simulation for Fire Evacuation based on Mixed-reality

Hyo-kyung Jang & Seoyeon Park, Chonnam National University


Effectiveness of Media Literacy Education Using Newspapers

Ryoga Okawa, Kansai University


A Scope Review of Computer-supported Collaborative Argumentation in the Past Decade

Lulu Wang, Wenzhou University


Current Status and Problems of Learner-centered Lessons in Malawi

Mariko Arai, Nihon Fukushi University


Investigation of the Relationship Between the Implementation of Pre-Homework and High School Students’ Attitude for Flipped Classroom

Rie Matsuoka, Tokyo University of Science


The Experiences of People Working on Social Issues at Universities: Focusing on the Process of Concretization of Interest

Jiwun Jun, Meiji University


The Exploratory Analysis of Spatial Perception in Augmented Reality with Gaze Path and Task Achievements

Kukhyeon Kim, Chonnam University


Study on Evaluation of Constructed Block Model based on Deep Learning for ConPlay System

Yuchen Wang, Ritsumeikan University- “”


The Problem of Collaboration with Teachers from Perspective of ICT Support Staff

Takahiro Kamada, Kansai University


Development and Usability Evaluation of Unification Education Content based on Augmented Reality

Hongyu Xiang, Chonnam National University


Effects of Instructional Design with the KBCP Framework to Promote Using Learning Strategies for High School Students

Hiroto Jitsukawa, Tokyo University of Science


The Characteristics of Users’ Perspectives in 360-degree VR Discussion Video by Observation Type

Suhyun Ki, Chonnam National University


Verification of the Educational Effects of Introducing ICT Equipment for Self-portraits for Third-year Junior High School Students

Ruri Aoki, Kansai University


The Evaluation Module of Virtual Reality Simulation for Learner with Intellectual Disabilities: Usability Study

YeonJu Tak, Chonnam National University


The Role of Facilitator Playing a Game-Based Teaching Material in Collaborative Learning

Wataru Shibata, Meiji University


Special Approach to Teaching English for Korean Billingual Children in Chinese Korean Primary Schools

Lingfei Yin, Kansai University


A Systematic Literature Review of Language Learning Research Based on Teaching Agents

Xinyan Gu, Wenzhou University


An Exploratory Analysis of ICT Competencies for Educational Policymakers

Minkyung Kim, Inha University


Visualization of Learners’ State of Learning Using a Task Analysis Diagram

Roman Nakamura, Tokyo University of Science


The Effects of Physical Fidelity in VR Simulation on Task Loads

Eunbyul Yang, Chonnam National University

Winners were selected from student roundtable sessions where students were the main presenter(s). Awards were presented only to student(s) who presented, even if the paper was co-authored with a faculty advisor. A group of volunteer faculty from cooperating organizations evaluated each of the student roundtable sessions.